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A new website at a fixed price - is that really possible?


And in German, English, Spanish or even multilingual on several versions. In most cases, we simply do this from Germany. Phone calls and e-mails are enough for that. But more and more often we are also on site on the island.


So no more homemade first attempts. No more overpriced offers or fat installations, which are superfluous for sole traders or smaller companies and at best make sense for larger companies. 


Yes, it is possible to get your new website online in a short time, with a fixed budget and everything you really need. Our ALL IN ONE offers 3 individually designable basic variants with which we quickly and effectively support and accompany smaller, value-creating companies at a fixed price.

Therapist and expert in energizing manual treatments, Luisa Aragon, also decided to present her start-up with an ALL IN ONE solution.


We helped her to bring everything to the point in terms of content. For this, we were allowed to contribute a bit of text optimization and a few good headlines; otherwise, she had everything she needed. This new site is currently under construction.


It will go online soon. In the meantime, our client can concentrate completely on her business. And you can too!



👉 Only what you really need is installed here to show the world what you have to offer.


👉 Here you do not have to wait for many months.


👉 Here we give with 3 different variants the option to deliver yourself what you have and so book with a fixed price. What you need in addition, you can book.



🇩🇪Unser Hauptsitz befindet sich in der Metropolregion Rhein Neckar. Zwischen den Städten Heidelberg und Mannheim sind wir verbunden mit Partnern und vielen Kunden. Unser Team arbeitet bundesweit und international, schnell und zuverlässig in allen kreativen Disziplinen.

🇬🇧Our headquarters are located in the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region. Between the cities of Heidelberg and Mannheim we are connected with partners and many customers. Our team works nationwide and internationally, fast and reliable in all creative disciplines.